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We couldn’t offer the tools and support for veterans that we do if it weren’t for contributions from friends like you! We appreciate all donations including food, clothing, and house-hold items.

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Robert M Jackson Veteran Center - Feeding Veterans

Barbeque sauce, butter, meats – poulty, fish, chicken, pork, beef (some residents don’t eat pork and beef) flour, brown sugar, seasonings, corn bread, large containers of canola oil, bottled water, coffee regular and decaf, creamer & sugar, coffee filters (more regular than decaf), large coffee maker, pinto beans and other dry beans

any cleaning solutions, easy off, air fresheners, mops & brooms, ironing boards & irons, sewing kits, lysol disinfectant spray, foaming bubbles spray bathroom cleaner, lamps & end tables, dresser drawers, 2 up right freezers, 2 refrigerators, hand sanitizer, hand soap, soap and shower gel

Arts and Crafts
DVD Movies
Music – All Genres

Robert M Jackson Veteran Center - Clothing Veterans

Slightly Used , Already Cleaned Clothing, Coats, Jackets, hats & gloves, pants, shirts, pajamas, socks, underwear & t-shirts, sweaters, robes

Toiletries – Men
Tall Kitchen Trash Bags
Gallon Zip Lock Bags

Office supplies (copy paper, paper clips, scotch tape, postage stamps, ink) complete sets of computers(up to 4 sets)
first-aid kits

Aluminum foil, gallon size freezer bags, 2 large roasting pans, large cooking pans for soups, large foil pans, large mixing bowls

Robert M Jackson Veteran Center - Housing Vterans

Single Bed Linens (sheets, blankets, pillows, extra pillow cases & comforters) for twin beds, bed throws

Laundry detergent make sure container has (he machines on container) (liquid or powder), fabric softener & dryer sheets, bleach (make sure container has he machines on container) flushable clorox wipes, dish washing liquid

bowls, glasses, & coffee cups, dishes, silverware, knives, can openers, utensils for serving food (new or used in good condition)

towels, wash cloths, paper towels, napkins, toilet paper
55 gallon trash bags, tall kitchen trash bags, light bulbs, latex gloves

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